Welcome to ArtLeap!

At ArtLeap we host workshops and retreats that draw out and develop your creativity. We encourage our participants to dive deeper into their souls and dreams and selves.

We believe that a creative practice contributes to a whole hearted life.

We practice. We make things. We find joy in making, and in the making we find practice. Practice is the repeated performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency. That sounds kind of dry, but if we practice what we love, we find the juice. Yes, we practice to become fluent, but we also practice to ignite our curiosity. Curiosity allows us to find what works and what doesn’t as we strive for greater understanding and the freeing of our inner artist. This leads to further curiosity, more practice, more juice, moments of beauty, balance and joy!

That’s why ArtLeap is here: We inspire seasoned makers, we motivate new crafters, we gently guide you into the practice of curiosity, we help you find your joy. We do it together, to encourage each other and discover ever greater inspiration by sharing and supporting.

We invite experts in their fields to facilitate workshops in textile art, sewing, drawing, painting, photography, writing, jewellery and other art forms. Stay tuned as we add more instructors and media, and please make suggestions if there’s something you want to explore.

This is the crux of ArtLeap: to share the wealth of knowledge and creativity, freeing yourself to achieve the art you want to make. 

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