I’m back from Denman Island and the Creative Threads Conspiracy, this year in it’s sixth year. It’s surprising to me to remember that it was six years ago we were conspiring and planning the first event, wrangling over a name for the exciting vision we were bringing to the island. There were four of us, and we brainstormed and cast about and threw out words and looked things up in the thesaurus. The family of ravens that live in the trees above our house were active that day, and we wondered what a group of ravens was called. We found out (thanks google) that what one calls a group of ravens depends on what they’re doing. It can be called a constable, an unkindness, or a conspiracy. We thought a conspiracy was perfect for what we were doing, we knew we wanted creativity and textiles represented in the name, so we arranged and rearranged words until we came up with the Creative Threads Conspiracy. And now its been going for six years. The current three wonderful doers that make it happen did a great job this year, thank you Anne, Audrey and Danni. It takes place in the charming, wooden Community Hall with handmade bunting circling the whole room. The food is great, Norie’s island made miso soup and sushi (amazing!), and delicious soups, salads and Leanndra’s famous kale rolls nourish us. During the winter, there are no restaurants open for dinner, but Donna at the Guest House Bistro outdid herself as usual, providing dinner and a jazz trio on Friday night and dinner again on saturday night for those of us who don’t live on the island. I always love the Conspiracy!

My class went well. It was called the Thoroughly Modernized Log Cabin and my students outdid themselves in size and colour and improvisation over two days. Here are some in-progress pics. I’m afraid I get so involved in the process of making and helping my students create, that I neglect to document the process.

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