Modern Crossroads

I’ve been through a process! At the end of April my job as a caregiver ended. It was a magical experience, being part of a group of people who cared for an elderly couple in their home, but as it became obvious that the plan was no longer working to keep them safe, change happened and my role came to an end.
I had planned a trip to Costa Rica, and rather than cancel it (just because I had no job to come back to), I hiked and bird-watched and swam in the waters of Central America and had a lot of time with my good friends, and with my own thoughts. I came to the conclusion that the thing that makes me happy is making art, and sharing my love of making art by teaching (or enabling … as I think of it).
On my return to Tsawwassen, I set myself up to be in a Self Employment Program, I went to school for two weeks, sitting INSIDE and AT A TABLE for 8 hours a day, five days in a row for two weeks!! A shock to my freedom finding, outdoor loving body, but necessary. Then I took a month and wrote a business plan, meeting with a business coach once a week to keep me on track (Thank you Lynn!!), and had to present my plan to a panel of reviewers. It all went well and now I’m on my way – introducing ArtLeap Ventures to the world.
ArtLeap is a workshop and retreat business, with the goal to show beauty, and to integrate joy through creativity into our lives. There is nothing so lovely as feeling the joy of being “in the zone” while making art (or music or bread or paragraphs), and that is what I wish to help clients develop as they “dig deep” into their chosen art forms. I make quilts. When I’m making quilts and sewing with my sewing machine, I get there – I get into the zone where I lose sense of time and place. I can also go there when I draw or when I paint, but I’m sort of a new beginner at painting again, so I can’t teach it- yet. That said, I wish to bring in people who can teach painting, drawing, photography, knitting, jewellery making, stitching …. I could go on …. so I can learn, so you can learn, so we can all share in the love of making!
In celebration of leaping into this new venture, look for introductory savings coming along in the next few months while I discover the ins and outs of launching this venture.
Also – If you have any old sewing machines that you no longer use, I’d love to put them to good use. I clean them up and get them purring, then use them in class – and sell them good and cheap to newbies who need a first machine.Saving the world, one stitch at a time, as my friend Nicole says (check out her perky business – The Spool Sewing Studio in Courtenay BC).
Oh yeah – plus, I got myself a dog,. He is very small but very large in personality. His name is Buster, but I mostly call him The Bug, unless I’m vexed with him. He is around 7 years old and was found wandering the streets alone, skinny and mangey – but now he’s a happy bug and has taken on the job of being my shadow.
Barb and Buster

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