Happy New Year everyone. I raise a glass to new beginnings, to love and community, to new projects and connections and to continuing all the established ones as well.

I tried to get an email and blog post out before 2019 showed its pretty face. I wanted to write this before the new year began, but I waffled and wondered, wallowed in ideas, and now I know why.

I like to choose a word for the coming year, a word that will keep me in line with my intentions. My intentions going forward are to attract community, creativity, joy and abundance into my world – one word for all that?

Struggle, struggle, think, mull – what will my Word be??

On the first day of 2019 my two friends and I took possession of our newly leased store space. Kathy, our mysterious silent partner and I are opening the sewing lounge and teaching space in Nanaimo on Feb 1, right after we renovate this precious piece of history. Sew It Begins (thats the name of our new adventure) will reside in the lower floor of the old firehouse, a brick building of note with a restaurant above and an art supply store as our neighbour.

The current work at hand is renovation. Remove a wall, repair the ceiling, paint the walls, paint the floors, replace the sink, build the workbenches, clean, clean, clean, furnish the shop, stock it with inventory, set the schedules, … etc etc etc, we have lots to do. Planning and unbuilding and rebuilding – while in the back of my mind I’m mulling over ideas for my Word.

Kathy, the mystery woman and I communicate by text. Kathy sent a text suggesting we prep the walls today – and I hit reply, offering to bring the spackle, because I have some. My usual tormentor SpellCheck – (OMG, she constantly puts words in my mouth, changes meanings, embarrasses me by telling someone I’ve been on one date with that I love, love, love them – why would she do that?) – jumped into my court and changed spackle to SPARKLE! I found my word! And I will bring the Sparkle to the job site today.

And Sew It Begins…

The Sew It Begins Sewing Lounge is in planning stages – as it probably always will be! A great work of improvisation and experimentation. What we do know is that it will be an active and exciting space for sewing, learning, textiles, creativity and art. I’ll be in residence every wednesday and every second thursday and saturday 11 – 4. I’m dedicating one saturday per month to teaching Improvisational Patchwork. Stay tuned for a real schedule. Stay tuned for a link to the website. Stay tuned! Get excited and make stuff! We are!

47 thoughts on “Sparkle”

    1. HI Barb….I luv luv luv the sparkle…Just reading your post put a smile on my face. I hope to participate in this new adventure. Super exciting! Best wishes getting the space ready..I can hardly wait to come visit!!!

    2. Sparkle is a great word. Your ideas sparkle. your aura sparkles, you put sparkle in many peoples eyes and cause them to pass on sparkle. Who could want more. Happy 2019 m’dear.

  1. Wow. This is fabulous Barb! Sparkle on! I had a pet golden retriever growing up whose name was Butterscotch Sparkle. Which means my porn star name is Sparkle Landon. That is pretty good, right? Love you!

  2. Sitting at Departure Bay, waiting for a ferry. Has I read your post earlier I would have stopped in to help Sparkle! Great excitement, can’t wait to see the new lounge!

  3. Fantastic, Barb! Sparkle suits you! Over here on Gabriola there is already buzzz happening about the sewing lounge – such a great location – can take the ferry over as walk ons!

  4. Wowee Barb and Kathy,
    So much excitement! I can’t wait to see and be with you.
    Love the name and the whole idea of a sewing lounge sounds yummy.
    ~ seejanequilt
    Britannia Beach

  5. Love the name of your new venture as well as your word for this year. Congratulations! I’m sure you will doRke in all you do.

  6. I love it. Your energy, your wildly creative spackle & sparkle. The building sounds perfect for you!

    Off to Oaxaca on Sunday for a month to soak up sun, color, textiles, inspiration-

    Much love to you –


  7. I want to sparkle too! More likely I’ll spackle. Both are good. Best to the new space and venture; hope to visit soon.

  8. Oh My Gosh!!!
    How wonderful and fully needed! Yes you sparkle wonderful lady and bring it to everything… Nanaimo is so close to come over and take your improve class!!!! Finally I can learn from the master.
    Good luck and I can’t wait to receive more sparkle news!!!

  9. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you to see your new project underway. Looks exciting and inviting. Looking forward to a visit.

  10. Congratulations Barb!! Nanaimo is only a ferry ride away so visiting is a very real possibility! Best of luck for your new adventure. Sparkle on!!

  11. Sew It Begins – GREAT name, GREAT idea, GREAT space… and Sew On…

    All the very best in the world to you m’ darlin’ in this brilliant and sparkling endeavour – with your partners Kathy and M.S.P.


  12. Such a great start to the New Year!! A sparkly blogpost and a sparkly new sewing lounge on the way!! Thanks for this Barb!

  13. Wow! How exciting!! Lots of adventure ahead! BTW, my first dog was named Sparkle, a very cute West Highland Terrier, who…sparkled!

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