The ArtLeap Drawing and Dreaming Club has existed as an idea in the works, and now thanks to the excitement, encouragement and the cheque I have in my pocket from the first enthusiasts, we are a go!

The club is a place for regular art making with “your people”, a place for inspiration, inclusivity, curiosity, exploration, trying new things, sometimes diving deep, silliness, seriousness and the study and lively discussion of art. And, of course, dreaming.

Do you dream of seeing your art hanging on a gallery wall, of a supportive and positive group of people to laugh with and make art with, to inspire each other? Do you dream of projecting an image of flowers onto the clouds, of travelling the Amazon with a sketchbook of ideas you’re collecting for a series of paintings? Do you dream of painting birds in flight? What do you dream of? Perhaps the Drawing and Dreaming club will allow your dreams to become real…

The club members will meet twice a month on Saturday mornings, and we’ll tackle and sometimes perfect new drawing skills and ideas. Varying the methods of mark-making, we will play with materials and paper that are sometimes new and sometimes familiar, and all the while we will dream big.

The details:

We meet every 2nd week, starting June 8, from 10 am until noon at the Sew It Begins studio #4 – 34 Nicol St, in the old firehouse building. (June 8 & 22, July 6 & 20, Aug 3, 17 & 31).

A supply list will be provided on the first day and some materials will be included.

The cost is $100.00 for three months, or a drop-in fee of $22.00, space permitting.

Dreams do come true – sign up now, enrollment is limited to ten.

Email to send an e-transfer, or click here to be directed to the tickets page