HouseTop Quilt

Skill level: basic sewing experience or higher

This is a one day sewing workshop designed to teach you to improvise with shape, pattern, colour and value to make a quilt top. It can be finished as an art piece or a blanket. Everyone will learn something and everyone will be creative. Each piece made will be different and unique: the hands of each maker will make their mark on the work. We will finish a lap-sized quilt top in a day. While I believe in working “slowly and majestically” on some projects, we do this large quilt top quickly for very good reason. Making decisions in a limited amount of time allows you to recognize your own “voice”, it gives you a chance to refine your working style to utmost efficiency and besides, you come out with a quilt top!

The HouseTop is inspired by the House Top quilts of the quilt makers of Gees Bend. It’s roughly based on the traditional log cabin block.

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