Boro Coat by Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer

Photographing Your Work

An ArtLeap Photography Workshop with James Emler.

For many artists the prospect of entering a competition, applying for a grant, submitting work for publication, or to a gallery can be a daunting experience. We all want to be judged for our work but in these cases, we are judged by photographs of our work. Plus these photographs are being judged by people who understand the craft, are used to looking at photographs, and carry a responsibility to find the best quality to show.

Poor photographs say two things, that the work isn’t up to the standard or the artist doesn’t think enough of their work to make good photographs of it.

This workshop will help you to understand what it takes to do good photographs of your work. You will spend the day with James Emler who has over 40 years experience in the industry. He will show you how to use light to reveal the qualities that you want to display in photographing your work. He will also help you to overcome some of the pitfalls of digital photography when it comes to reproducing art.

This workshop will run from 10am until 4pm with an hour for lunch.

Topics covered will include:


  • Using Light to reveal the best attributes of your work.
  • Understanding why some light sources work better than others.
  • Overcoming technical challenges in modern digital cameras.
  • Understanding file formats
  • Understanding lenses, the best f-stops and shutter speeds.
  • Matching colour for submissions and for publication.


Hands on workshops on inexpensive Guerilla Lighting

  • shooting outdoors,
  • shooting by window light,
  • finding the best locations,
  • shooting in open shade.

You should bring a sample of your work and a digital camera, notes will be provided.


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